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Idk a blog for all my notes on a TWEWY AU called At the Intersection.
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Random Notes re: everything

rhythms。(Sammy): Hiyo's kind of the genki girl of the cast-- she's friendly from Day 1 and that never changes. But her entry fee was her memories of her friends, so in actuality she's going through the Game thinking she's never had any, and all that cheeriness is basically her overcompensating, thinking this might be her last chance to have friends (a good example of this is she has a habit of arbitrarily making nicknames for everyone, even the reapers they run into)
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Oh.
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: That's actually pretty sad.
rhythms。(Sammy): they're all sad orz;;
: From what I have down of her character arc, Nanashi (the MC) accidentally keeps running into Hiyo's friends in the RG whenever they're near a Reaper decal-- the first time they meet, she asks if Hiyo is, well, Hiyo, and Nanashi, thinking that getting the RG involved with the UG is a bad idea, lies and says it's some other girl. But they keep running into each other and because the friend is so upset about Hiyo's death, she ends up talking about her to him anyway every time he has a moment to spare.
It turns out that Hiyo isn't completely unfounded about not having friends-- she only had one (the one Nanashi talks to). But they didn't go to the same school and Hiyo was bullied a lot at hers because she was a little eccentric (blue hair is, in fact, not normal in this context). So while they'd hang out and have a ton of fun after school or on the weekends, the friend couldn't support
rhythms。(Sammy): sdlkj my roommate's rat is walking on my keyboard and pushed enter
rhythms。(Sammy): *the friend couldn't support Hiyo when she needed her most
rhythms。(Sammy): And apparently the day she died the bullies were harassing her on an overpass and they took it too far-- she got pushed off.
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: How did they react afterwards though?
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: But oh my god.
rhythms。(Sammy): The bullies freaked out because "oh shit we didn't mean for her to die" and got into a ton of trouble with the school obviously, but the friend doesn't know all the details beyond that because once again, different schools
: I'm contemplating a scene where you go to the overpass and you see them kick over the flower vase the friend left as a memorial, showing they didn't really learn their lesson at all
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Jeez...
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Would that throw Hiyo off the edge?
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: ...again
rhythms。(Sammy): She's bothered by it, but not really.... upset. But to explain why I have to explain Nanashi's story a little bit
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Self-worth issues?
rhythms。(Sammy): Yeeeeeah Nanashi's story is a huge self-worth thing. Hiyo's story gets resolved in that it's supposed to parallel with Nanashi's, because he comes from an abusive environment too?
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Does he get bullied too or an abusive family?
rhythms。(Sammy): Abusive family. In his case his mother goes back and forth between being neglectful and abusive and he eventually gets so frustrated/can't cope with that environment that he ends up commiting suicide (method currently undetermined)
: But Nanashi's entry fee was his identity-- any memory pertaining to how he perceives himself is gone. So his family situation, the things he likes, the things he hates, everything down to his name (Nanashi means nameless, and the name is given to him by the girl with the hat) is gone.
rhythms。(Sammy): (He still has inconsequential memories like how to get around town and stuff like that though, but anything particularly inportant is gone)
rhythms。(Sammy): But he keeps getting an inkling that the life he'd be going back to isn't worth it, and so a lot of his story is him trying to give himself a reason to keep going
rhythms。(Sammy): So he helps his partner whoever that is, or tries to kind of encourage other people who have doubts but he doesn't really know what to do about his own
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: What actually makes him keep fighting? His partner?
rhythms。(Sammy): Part of it is his partner, in that he'll feel guilty if he gave up and doomed them, but another part is he wants answers that his memories aren't giving him. So he's hoping that there's a way to find those answers (he isn't aware of the true nature of his entry fee) before he makes a choice?
rhythms。(Sammy): I have a mini-route where one of the Reapers talks to him about how winning the Game doesn't mean you have to go back
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Do any of them actually decide to go back, or do some of them chose to be erased or be reapers?
rhythms。(Sammy): Nanashi considers becoming a Reaper but will never follow through on it, and in his bad end he erases himself, Hiyo will choose to go back if she makes it that far, but if the cast ever becomes an odd number (meaning someone lost a partner) she'll sacrifice herself. Meanwhile Miki (the girl with the hat) learns in her arc that her (former) best friend she thought died years ago has actually been a Reaper this entire time and so she hates the notion of becoming one with a passion. And unless you do her route right she and her friend will erase each other at the end of the GM battle.
: So I think unless I change my mind the answer is no-- they either go back or they get erased before winning
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: jesus christ
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: I actually like the sound of Miki's bad end though.
rhythms。(Sammy): I haven't really figured out most of the details of Miki's route other than that to be honest :'D
Like a big thing about her character is that Nanashi can never tell what she's thinking because she keeps to herself and can't talk (entry fee), so if Miki's his partner he actually doesn't notice his own insecurities as much because he's too busy trying to figure out Miki
rhythms。(Sammy): She communicates by typing out on her phone (kind of like Celty), but it's a hassle to do that too often
rhythms。(Sammy): And so he has to figure her out mostly through body language, which he's actually prety good at because he's spent a lot of his life gauging people's (mostly his mom's) reactions and trying not to step on toes
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Why is her voice her most valuable? Singer?
rhythms。(Sammy): Yeah, she's a performer. And her psych is using her pin like a guitar pick and air guitaring to create shockwaves.
rhythms。(Sammy): If Hiyo is Nanashi's partner, then Miki's partner is this fangirl that recognizes her and pretty much spends the entire week admiring her orz;; Miki keeps trying to convince the girl she's not that great, (because she doesn't want to deal with that kind of attention), but the girl continues to admire her despite those flaws, and eventually the two kind of work off each other in that Miki eventually accepts her role model status and actually tries being a good role model instead of letting her partner continue to have blind admiration??? Idk fangirl partner is currently being rewritten because I don't like her original concept orz
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Do you have any idea of what her fee and insecurities might be?
rhythms。(Sammy): The fangirl?
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Yeah
rhythms。(Sammy): Okay, I'm gonna admit that fangirl's original concept was Eri, and like I said last night, I don't want to have much in terms of the original except for small cameos
: but since she only has like..... 3 lines and a paragraph description from Shiki I can get away with just changing the name if I wanted (also: remember the story takes place a few years before the events of twewy)
: But her entry fee was going to be her fashion sense, because she was one of those popular girls that always followed the trends and kept up with what was cool or not. So she spends the Game in her school uniform and can't put together an outfit to save her life. (no thread stat bonuses for her :'D)
: So when you take that away, she realizes that all she's been doing this time is following trends and doesn't have her own sense of style and personality. So she latches onto Miki because she's (indie) famous and being famous means she knows what's cool and not right??
: But Miki eventually convinces her that no, you can't just go around copying or following others, you have to find your own sense of style, find your own likes and dislikes. And if she was Eri, that would be what convinces her to start designing clothes, trying to find her own style. And originally Miki's outfit was very similar to Shiki's because of that (and Miki would call her out on that too)
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: Ooh, I actually like that idea!
rhythms。(Sammy): I really like my concept of what Eri is like tbh, but it feels weird taking a canon (albeit incredibly minor) character and running off with it :'D
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: I mean she technically is your OC now since you changed the name and just based it off of her?
rhythms。(Sammy): true
rhythms。(Sammy): having Eri would have made for a nice opportunity to cameo Shiki though. Like just for fun I had a few cameo scenes that aren't necessary to the plot-- Neku in the background at Udagawa because well. CAT mural. Or a mission where they had to go buy the pendant Rhyme wears before it sold out, and you see Beat in line, and like. Eri would take note of Shiki at a fabric store and recognize they're from the same class, but at the same time I could just make a mission that involves a fabric store and then she's also background so it's not necessary for fangirl to be Eri specifically
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: VERY GOOD I LOVE CAMEOS
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: I do like the story you have for Eri though, since the game didn't give us much about her, and I mean, I really wouldn't know if she played the game in the actual game, but the story you have does give a nice background as to Eri being a really good designer and just overall bright person since people who come back do come back with more will.
rhythms。(Sammy): yeah. ;;
Though Eri does have a line about Shiki being dead and never getting to see her again, which could technically imply she assumes death works normally or the optimistic version is she woudn't get her hopes up because the Game is hard
rhythms。(Sammy): like do the week(s) in the RG still count and we just coma theory them for the duration of the game
rhythms。(Sammy): or does that week never happen and everyone gets reset to before they died but with memories
rhythms。(Sammy): or does the world get rewritten to the RG week(s) still happened but they also never died
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: I was wondering that too, or does the Composer basially send you back in time and erase your death?
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: omg like ghost trick
pκᴍɴ тʀɑɪɴeʀ ƶeнpʏʀ ♔: if you win, he just undoes your death, that's like the only thing I can think of that doesn't involve a corpse coming back to life basically, cause people already know they're dead
rhythms。(Sammy): oh right slgjhdsglk
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To say I suck would be the easy excuse, but no the problem is apparently I don’t even have the patience to color in the lines
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Character Quotes:

Miki: Stop listening for a voice that isn't there.
Hiyo: Hey, what's having friends like? Can you show me?
Haruna: Reapers become Reapers because we don't want to die, but there's nothing worth living for in the RG.
Jason: We used to be just like you, you know.
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  • One of the missions is to get the limited edition bell pendant. A younger Beat shows up, upset he overslept. Nanashi doesn’t see the point in keeping it, so he gives the pendant to Beat.
  • When in Udagawa, they pass by a memorial at the intersection in front of the CAT mural (Neku’s friend). Nanashi briefly wonders if the victim ended up in the Game as well.
  • The group visits WildKat just because. After they leave, Mr. H talks to Joshua about the group, but Joshua comments that this isn’t his Game to interfere with.
  • Eri notices Shiki at a fabric store, and recognizes that they’re from the same class.
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Age: 13

Entry Fee: Her fashion sense. She can’t put together an outfit to save her life OH WAIT.

Death: Apartment fire (same as Kousuke)

Psych Ability: Costume party. Ironically, Eri can take on the ability of whatever she dresses up as. She usually puts on different hats (witch, police, martial arts headband) to activate abilities (pyrokinesis, bullets, slash).


Other Skills/Traits:

  • Fashion Drawing: Eventually, Eri figures it out— she can make her own fashion sense from scratch. And she gets inspired to draw her own fashions.
  • Gossip: Despite being the youngest, Eri can get information out of people like no one’s business. Especially useful for missions that involve the RG.
I keep trying to write her out of the AU because I want this story to be as unrelated to the original as possible, but she found her place in the story and doesn’t seem to be leaving. I suppose I could just give her a new name and face (since Eri doesn’t have a set personality and no one would notice), but it still feels weird. She’s a good foil for Miki when Nanashi does Hiyo’s route. But on the other hand, I wonder if Kousuke can’t do the same job.
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Age: 15

Entry Fee: The ability to enter buildings of his own volition. Can be worked around by forcing him inside.

Death: Apartment fire.

Psych Ability: Minesweep. It’s actually more like battleship, as he can place “mines” wherever he wants on the noise plane. Activated by using his tablet pc.


Other Skills/Traits:

  • Unassuming: People often forget he’s around. He uses this to his advantage.
  • Book Smart:
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Age: 15

Entry Fee: Memories of her friends.

Death: Pushed off an overpass bridge while she was being bullied. Later it is revealed she could have survived, but she fell on purpose to make the bullies feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

Psych Ability: Creation. Hiyo can draw into reality whatever she wants. She usually uses this to draw fake Noise or weapons to use in battle. She activates it by shaking up her psych pin in an empty spray paint can. (It sounds OP, and well. Not gonna lie, it is once she learns how to use it.)


Other Skills/Traits:

  • Graffiti:
  • Friendliness:
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Age: 17

Entry Fee: Her voice. Spoilers: she’s not mute— she has Yuno’s voice.

Death: Attacked by a stalker on her way home.

Psych Ability: Shockwave. She activates it by using her pin like an air guitar pick.


Other Skills/Traits:

  • Guitar:
  • Acting:
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Age: 18

Entry Fee: His identity.

Death: Committed suicide by jumping off a roof.

Psych Ability: Nanashi doesn’t have a personal ability, but he is compatible with most slashing and velocity-type pins.

Backstory: Nanashi comes from a single-mother family, and his mom doesn’t even want him.

Other Skills/Traits:

  • Paranoia: It’s more on the subtle side, but for lack of a better term, he has something akin to either a guilt or persecution complex. And so he constantly worries about the worst situation and
  • Perception:
  • Reading Lips: There was a phase in Nanashi’s life when he needed to know whenever someone was talking about him. And so he picked up the ability to read lips.
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Miki Route: Scared

Nanashi: ...Let's take a left.
Hiyo: Huh?
Nanashi: If we take a shortcut through this alley, we should end up right at Spain Hill.
Kousuke: Wow, really?
Nanashi: [Takes a moment to think about it.] I'm... pretty sure. But I can't remember how or why I know that. Sorry.
Hiyo: Faulty memory or not, if you believe so, then I do too! Let's go!
: [Hiyo and Kou head down the alleyway. Nanashi starts to follow too, but notices Miki lagging behind.]
Nanashi: ...Miki?
: [Miki tries to give Nanashi a dismissive wave, as if trying to say nothing's wrong, but her expression is clearly troubled. The contrast between the Miki in front of him and the normally aloof one clues Nanashi in that something's wrong.]
Hiyo: [in the distance] Hey Seven~! What's the holdup?
: [Nanashi looks back at Hiyo, then at Miki. She's trying to head into the alley, but Nanashi notices her legs are shaking.]
Nanashi: ...
Nanashi: [to Hiyo] I know I was the the one who suggested it, but can you two go ahead? Miki and I will take the long way.
Hiyo: Eeeeh? But--
: [Nanashi tries to signal to Hiyo to drop it. She fortunately picks up on the situation and changes her mind.]
Hiyo: Alright. Just go straight, right? Don't be a slowpoke~!
: [Hiyo and Kousuke go ahead into the alley. Nanashi looks at Miki again, who's still kind of off. He considers asking what's wrong, but given Miki's personality, decides against it. Instead, he gently pulls on her arm and points toward the normal streets.]
Nanashi: C'mon. We'll go this way.
Miki: [Miki looks down, trying to hide her expression.] ...Sorry.
Nanashi: (Did she just say something? )
Nanashi: (...)
Nanashi: (No way. I probably just read her lips.)